Encore Portland - Pearl District Condos
Encore Portland - Pearl District Condos
Ave. Pearl District, Oregon | MLS# 123456 | $625,000

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The Encore Condos is the newest building to rise on the Pearl District’s North side, near the Fremont Bridge. With its eyes on the new park between N.W. 10th and 11th Avenue, and Overton and Pettygrove Street, the residents will be encouraged to use the public spaces. This includes a new three-acre park (the city’s largest planned park). The 175-foot building is the gateway development for the existing Pearl and what is expected to rise in the next decade.

With emphasis on glass, transparency and views, The Encore has a signature curving shape facing the Pearl, and thin towers facing north. The 177 homes are made up lofts, live/work homes, one and two bedroom condos, townhomes, and penthouses. Townhomes and live-work units feature large outdoor terraces, allowing private gardens.
Concierge: NO
Location: Pearl District

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Brad Golik
Windermere Northwest
Portland, OR .  USA

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